Wednesday, August 29, 2018

DAY 2 NOTES 8/29/18

Current moves from high potential to low potential

Circuit Diagram Symbols
Image result for circuit diagram symbol chart

Open Circuit - The loop is not closed, the circuit is not flowing.
Short Circuit - The power connects directly to ground.

XKCD <------ Great web comic

-Sandbox for circuit experimentation
-The holes in each row connect to one another, but the break in the middle separates each row.
-The holes in the columns on the side are called Power Rails and are connected all the way down, one column being our power source (positive +, usually coded red) and one column is the ground (negative -, usually coded black)

-Free electronic design software that allows you to design circuits both visually and schematically.
-You can even have circuits you've designed printed.

-Red/Yellow/Green are typically 3v and 20milliAmps
-All diodes are polar and control the direction of the current.

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