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Cyborgs and space


Homeostasis--->the ability to do things and make decisions without constant input

Heliotropism of sunflowers

This article was written in the 60s

The root of human machine interaction is

Implants and mergers
-Cochlear implants stimulate a nerve inside your ear
-Kevin Warwick implant 30 pin chip into his medial nerve, allowed him to communicate with the chip via radio transmission.
-Symbiosis(Mutualism)-Both we and the machines benefit from constant interaction.
-The key to space travel is adapting your body to an environment, not adapting the environment to the human body.

Monday, October 29, 2018

NOTES 9/12
Musica Universalis
NOTES 9/17

Schaa article, electrical body manipulation
-Small hanging child is electrically charged, attracts small pieces of brass leaf and causes them to float.
-Occured in 1729 during the beginning of the Enlightenment, advancements in technology are booming.
-Perormed on a stage because there were no other methods of communication, another example is Thomas Aikens
-Phantasmagoria, projection culture, projections used to create optical illusions

Body Stim Art
-Chris Burden
-Arthur Elsenar

Open preferences ---> Set sketchbook location to removable drive under Mac HD and then Volumes

Side Project:
 This is the info page for a side project where I build synthesizers/music production equipment.



A RELAY is a special circuit that allows us to turn another circuit on or off while keeping the circuits seperated

Allows you to isolate and control items of all voltages from a low-power consuming device.

N.O.=Normally open
N.C.=Normally closed

Contains an electromagnet that opens and closes a switch.